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Upcycled – Handwoven

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Plastic bags up-cycled till date

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Why Shop With Us?


  • We transform post consumer plastic bags/wrappers into high end handwoven accessories
  • Every product you buy from us results in lesser plastic waste polluting our environment
  • Every product design is one of a kind as it depends on the waste plastic intake is variable
  • We enable tribal livelihoods by providing employment
  • We are a Eco friendly sustainable company


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Our Happy Customers


Pinky Maheshwari

Wow!! This is something really really amazing work these guys are doing. Truly NEED of HOUR. Superb thought and amazing designs. I wish you and your entire team to take your venture to newer and bigger heights. So sooo proud of what you doing. Strongly recommend.

Manasi Waghmare

it’s a superb initiative by Aarohana team. They are making the world a beautiful place to live by their excellent plastic recycling process n making super products like bags diary covers etc. all the best team.

Niki Duffy

On a recent trip to Mumbai I was lucky enough to find your stall at the Kalaghoda Festival. Your bags are beautifully made and sturdy. Exactly what I needed for my hand luggage home to the UK. Delighted

Madhur Tirthani-Bhatia

I am looking forward to buying more goodies from Aarohana and do my bit in propagating to all about what these bags are made up of.
The bags have been made wonderfully made with very good finish and little would you wonder that this glittering bag is made up of colorful Shiny used wrappers
All the best to the team and look forward to much more innovation from you as you guys are truly capable of doing it.

Kalpana Mehra

Well done! Fabulous products – well finished. The sustainable way forward

Eesha Berry

I got my first eco friendly bag from this store and it’s not only eco friendly, it’s trendy, smart and spacious. I love it! Thanks Aarohana for this super eco-trendy bag!

Suraja Acharekar

I have been a big fan of this brand and the cause they are into. I was gifted the brand’s bag by my secret Santa, after knowing my love for this brand. I have got lots of compliments whenever I carry it anywhere, n they get very impressed when I tell the cause n material behind it ( which I never miss to tell)
Keep up the great work!

Smita Patwardhan Pandey

I bought my first Aarohana bag at The Hundred Hands exhibit, and then I bought the black one. Most of my subsequent purchases were liked so much by family and friends they were gifted away. Finally I have my own (wrappers) blue, bling, bright bag. I am a fan for life. Keep marching Team Aarohana.

Pagna Bhatia

Another reason to love Aarohana. Every time I carry one of their bags, it is an icebreaker for a conversation with people, mostly artists & artisans who have equal respect for their work. It is almost like we immediately feel good about each other because we love this brand & that is something we have in common. it is just a lovely feeling of… belonging..? thank you

Ayeshaa Sinha

All of their products are beautifully designed and make wonderful gifts!

Saipriya Ajithkumar

Love your concept and so glad I have your bags.

Vishwanath Kapase

Great experience with Aarohana EcoSocial Developments

K Meghna K

I travelled with a bag by Aarohana EcoSocial Developments recently for an overseas trip to Thailand. It allowed me to stuff in loads of weight, without itself having any self-weight. It is extremely sturdy and in spite of all the rough usage, there was no wear-and-tear at all not a single strand from the weave came out. Its attractive design and colors enhanced the photographs as well. Keep up the good work!!!

Gayatri Chavrekar

“Worth buying. Excellent quality. Long life product!

Gayatri Gadgil- Lele

Love all the products! Specially cause the way they are made!! Keep going guys!!!”

Parvathy Raja

It is an amazing feeling to carry a product that has been made with recycled plastic. Aarohana’s bag makes me feel like I have done my bit (however small) in saving our environment. What’s more, the bag is super pretty and big enough to hold all my office essentials. Thanks Aarohana. You guys are doing a great job.

Prasanna Patankar

“It is a great initiative. Keep it up Team Aarohana. Make this world a better place.”

EcoSocial Conservation

Aarohana approaches the conservation of our environment and heritage using social involvement and traditional technology

EcoSocial Livelihoods

Aarohana generates livelihood opportunities for the grassroots while integrating social and environmental sustainability

EcoSocial Participation

Aarohana engages its consumers and associates in this EcoSocial development process, to create a RESPONSIBLE economy!

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